Stagwood Architectural

Where timber meets architecture

Stagwood integrates the warmth and quality of locally produced hardwood timbers with the design excellence of Stagwood machined products. Our timber range satisfies the demands of architectural excellence in residential or commercial construction. Enjoy the natural beauty and resilience of our hardwood timbers as flooring, cladding, screening, decking and more.

Product Categories

Select from our range of Class 1 or Class 2 durability timbers. Featuring eight hardwood species with an extensive range of woodgrain textures and colour tones available.

Choose from our range of timber cladding solutions for residential or commercial facades. These resilient hardwood timbers carry a BAL rating for bushfire prone areas.

Our hardwood timber flooring collection features an extensive range of timber textures and tones for residential or commercial installations.

Select from our lining boards range. Available in eight hardwood timber species and three profile sizes, they’re ideal for interior wall and ceiling finishes or soffits.

The ultimate natural timber decking range. Available in three decking sizes, select from Class 1 or Class 2 durability timbers for long term performance.

Our comprehensive range of screening, slats and batten profiles is available in our full range of hardwood timber species.

Choose from our range of natural and pre-finished thermally stabilised cladding and lining board solutions. Available in a range of timber tones and ready to install.